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 The logo for the company will go in the left and right corners of the sign, flanking the message in the middle. The colors will be green and black . The logo for the company can luxury scented candles be placed on the banner in such a way that the black background provides the area in the logo that is already black. The room that has been set aside for the conference is on the first floor, in conference room number 103. This example company holds an annual conference in a nearby hotel. This banner is intended to publicize the event and provide information to the attendees. The phrase, "Annual Conference" will be displayed in a smaller font at the top of the banner.Custom Vinyl Banners for the Company Conference Even if the company is large or small they can easily use several different types of custom banners to display information about their conferences. This will leave more usable space for the company's name, the conference information and the directions to the actual room for the conference. Both custom vinyl banners will try to compliment each other and tie in that they are the same. The designer will need to integrate this information onto the custom banner after the initial design is complete. However, these elements will need to be arranged so that they are easy to read and understand. It also must get as much attention it can possibly get when first spotted.   The colors of the vinyl banner will reflect the company's current color scheme . This creates a balanced promotional sign that is informative, but also pleasing to the eye. The second custom vinyl banner will be smaller, and will be hung over the booth in the conference room.   Since the main purpose of the personalized sign is for information, extra vinyl graphics beyond the company logo will not be used.Both the custom vinyl banners will use a two color theme. . However, the designer will need to focus first on the actual design. In the below paragraphs we will show an example of how one company could prepare a banner for their upcoming conference.   After getting permission from the hotel, this custom vinyl banner will be hung outside the main entrance to the hotel. This method can save time and expense when designing this kind of banner. However, the room in this hotel is not easy to find. They will add their name to the location banner as well as their location in the conference room.For both custom vinyl banners they have decided that the background will be black with green vinyl lettering. The conference is located in a large room that the hotel has set aside just for these kind of events. The two colors they have decided on are the same colors used in their home store. In the conference room they will also have a special custom vinyl banner in their booth.   The company's name will be in the largest font in the center of the custom banner. The hotel has given this company permission to display a banner to promote their event and the company has decided to utilize this banner for a dual purpose. This makes the need for an additional custom vinyl banner. This will give employees the best chance of spotting the banner and finding the pertinent information and will also serve to let them know that they have reached the right place..   Now that all of the elements are ready for the sign, the company can put them together. The secondary phrase that is needed to give directions to the room will be displayed below the name of the company, again, in a smaller font.


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