I guess it doesnt matter which name you use

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 You know the good old fashioned pool halls that only sell soda pop and charge for the tables by the hour. Wouldnt you say the term even adds a touch of class to the game of pocket billiards? I have a league match tonight in a small tavern with one 7 foot Valley table. When I saw the term billiards parlor, I just had to write an article about what that means to me. I typed the phrase into Google search and it returned 551,000 search results. You could usually find a money game and we held Saturday weekly tournaments that filled the house. I would say that we cant refer to this as a parlor. (Lets go to Side Pocket or Lets go to Diamond Jims. I would love to hear from you.First of all, what is the definition of Billiards Parlor? According the the online dictionary, it is a room where billiards is played. Would you agree with that? Post your comments questions and stories below. It is very interesting that there were  95,546 searches done for the phrase last month. There was one on the first page talking about pro player John Schmidt and his new pool room which is named Nine Mile Billiards Parlor. I owned a little non alcohol pool room back in the late 80s. To Your Run Out Success.) I guess it doesnt matter which name you use, they are all a room where billiards is played. This is Scented sachets a pretty self explanatory definition. It seems we find these billiard rooms few and far between these days. Ted . I guess even though the name is not as common as it once was, people still have it on the tip of their tongue when thinking about pool halls. We will say lets go to the pool hall, or lets go to the bar and shoot some pool. We had some good action there. The name makes me picture an up scale pool hall. Sometimes we will just refer to the billiards hall by name. Maybe even a pool room that isnt a bar. I came across the phrase or name billiards parlor while doing some billiards research. The dictionary also referred to billiard room, billiard parlour, billiard hall and billiard saloon. I am just sitting here writing about it and I feel like shooting some pool now. We here in Colorado never refer to it as a parlor. This came in second to the search term billiards which was 416,838 searches for the month.

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