Buying printed curtains

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 They also help a lot adding a lot of character and detail to the room. Later on, if she tires of the fairies, you can probably change the curtain to an underwater theme by purchasing a curtain with mermaid patterns. If you choose a decorative fabric for the roller shade, that may even be just what you need. Storage cornices Cornices helps you hide the underlying hardware for the curtains. Themed curtains Buying printed curtains can be one of the simplest and cheapest ideas to decorate your child's window. They can be very functional too if you make use of them as storage space. Sheer material allows a lot of light and air to flow into the room. As your toddler grows up, the amount of knick knacks they accumulate can be overwhelming. For the boy's room, you can probably find some buzz light year prints or some trains/trucks prints. The faux border adds detail to the window. You can have the cornice custom made so that it fits the overall theme of the room. . You can also make use of ribbon ties to the add to your window appliques. Keep it simple Keep the treatment light and airy. Here are 5 ideas on how to tie together all the design elements for your child's room.  Do not be afraid to play up with patterns, fabrics and colors. Treatments for a child's window may require a different thought process than treating your living room or family room. For a girl's room, you scented soy candles can start with fairy tale patterns.  All you have to do is spark up your imagination and be creative for the moment. There is literally no rules and anything goes. Sooner, you will find your kids thanking you for the designs you've chosen for them.Window treatments adds character to the room. The trick is to make it fun, colorful and convenient for your kids. There may not be any additional treatment that is necessary to complete the look of the nursery.  Make it happy, cheerful and bright for your kids. Roller shades This works very well for nurseries. You can also finish the storage cornice with a wallpaper. You can finish the cornice with a coat of paint to match the color of the wall or you can have it painted with a contrasting color--whichever suits your taste. The good thing with kids window treatments is the fact that you can have fun with it. There are many patterns to choose from, so it's easy to find a pattern that matches the theme of the room. Keep it cheerful You can make the overall window theme cheerful by choosing curtains with printed borders. The roller shades' main purpose is to regulate the amount of light coming into the room. If you are running out of shelf space, installing cornices that doubles up as storage space is a wonderful and decorative idea. You don't need floor length curtains for your child's room, that may be a child hazard, actually. Sometimes just using sheer material for the window treatment maybe enough.


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