Start decorating by choosing a billiard lamp. Choosing a proper billiard table can make or break your billiard room depending on what you decide. The Billiard Table and Decorating Obviously, the first addition to your billiard room will be your billiard table. Once you know how big your game room is, you can decide what to put in it, and where to put it. You should start your layout by first measuring the dimensions of your game room. Once youve designed your billiard room, Im sure youll find that it will quickly become everyones favorite room in the house. For this reason, billiard rooms are one of the most popular types of game rooms in America. Also, be sure to check the percentage of live gum rubber that makes up the rail cushion.

Another good option for billiard rooms is a stereo system. A layout can be made with just a pencil, paper and a measuring tape. Once youve chosen a billiard table, you can begin decorating. You can hide speaker wires by tucking them under the carpet, and Scented sachets make them inconspicuous by running them up and down the corners of your billiard room. Cheaper tables will be made with wood, but with a laminate layer on top, and wont last as long, nor will they play as well. The best quality of rail cushions wont negatively impact game play as they will provide the most accurate rebound of billiard balls. Surround sound speakers are an excellent idea, but you should be sure to hide the speaker wires, as these can look tacky when theyre run all across the room.

A higher percentage of live gum rubber denotes a better quality. High end billiard tables are made from solid wood. You should also make sure the sub rails of your billiard table are made from solid wood as they wont wear down as easily.A high end billiard room is a great way to use empty space in your home in a way thats fun and entertaining for the whole family! Billiards is a great game that has been around for centuries and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Many people who are planning to build a new home will actually factor in and design a game room or high end billiard room from the start  which is the best way to cut costs on getting the billiard room initially. Make sure not to overlook the space needed for doors to open and shut comfortably. You can choose the style and color of billiard lamps to compliment the style and color scheme of your billiard room. The Layout The first step in designing your game room is making a layout. Billiard lamps hang from the ceiling above the billiard table, providing proper light for the players. You should have fun designing your high end billiard room, as you and your guests will likely be spending a lot of time enjoying it for years to come!  

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