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  Either way, it wont yield you a reliable scent to evaluate. Colognes that men generally gravitate toward are ones that have a woodsy, outdoor scent.  These often include sandalwood or cedar wood bases with a combination of other ingredients, and are bracing and energizing.  Particularly since the price of mens fragrances reaching an all-time high.  Remember that a scent thats suitable for a night out with your partner may not be proper for the conference room.  A note of caution, though.  This aids in diffusing the fragrance more equally and subtlety - and subtlety, after all, is the name of the game when it comes to wearing mens cologne.  Men mostly keep away from anything that they consider as flowery, or what they regard as a more womanly fragrance than a manly one.When picking out a mens cologne, individual predilection is not the sole formula to follow.  Surely, you should choose a scent that pleases you  and your special someone  but there are a few other things you want to think about before you decide to buy it.  This is especially important in the business world. While there are really no hard-and-fast regulations about applying cologne, its most common to apply them on the neck area, at the back of the ears, in addition to the inner parts of the wrists and elbows.  And since some cologne tend to get more potent over a period of time, this can be hard to do with some colognes.  Thats why its always a good idea to try out a fragrance before you buy it. .  But sometimes its also nice to venture at something new or different. The cardinal rule of wearing mens cologne is this: Dont drench yourself in the stuff.  The scents can mix to produce something wonderful - or atrocious.         As brought up before, personal preference should always take the lead.  So its a good idea to use small amounts of a cologne at first and work up to a level of scent thats appropriate.  You may like the fragrance youve chosen and want to share it with the public, but the public may not have the same enthusiasm for it.  This may not be an awful thing, actually, since it gives scented soy candles you an excuse to buy several fragrances to have on hand for different occasions.  Its likewise conceivable that youll have an allergic reaction to some chemical substance in the cologne. 

A fast technique that many young men are using these days is to spray the cologne into the air and walk through the mist, letting it settle on their hair and shoulders.  What smells fine on others may not smell good on you.  Dont, as many men are prone to do, put one test fragrance on one wrist and a different one on the other one.  Other scents that men enjoy are those that contain musk and are considered sexy.  The reason for this is because the ingredients in perfumes interact with your own bodys scent to create something a bit different.  So be sure to test one fragrance at a time to be certain you get the full benefit of the test.  Actually, people would rather that you come into and depart a room, leaving just a trace of scent in the air.

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